– It’s a sea rabbit. Related to the sea lion.

juli 9, 2011

Sea Rabbit of Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York – This unique sea-dwelling rabbit species was discovered by Henry Hudson when he first visited this land to colonize the area – it was named New Amsterdam (today’s New York City). The word «corney» means wild rabbit in Dutch. The New York Aquarium and the Coney Island Anthropological Institute in Brooklyn, New York have been working together for their breeding programs to increase this sea mammal’s population since the late 19th century. This sea rabbit (named «Seara») belongs to Dr. Takeshi Yamada of the Coney Island Anthropological Institute. (Dr. Takeshi Yamada, Brooklyn, New York)

Takeshi Yamada is an artist with over 550 fine art exhibitions with his paintings and sculptures exhibited internationally in Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan and the United States. Yamada and his artworks have also been featured in over 400 online video websites to date. In addition, rogue taxidermy artworks, sideshow gaffs, cryptozoological artworks, large sideshow banners and showfronts created by Yamada in the last 40 years have been exhibited at dozens of state fairs and festivals annually nationwide, up to and including the present.

Yamada is also one of the most influential and active educators in New York City with over 60 awards, recognitions and nominations including two “Keys to the City” awarded to him by city mayors. Yamada is also featured in “Who’s Who in America”, “One Thousand Great Americans”, and has been named “International Educator of the Year” by International Biographical Centre in England. He has also taught classes and given public lectures at over 40 educational institutions internationally. Yamada is also a prolific published author of articles, having also published 22 books.


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